Required Reading

Required Reading For the Certified Advanced Business Analyst Program

Getting It Right Business Requirement Analysis Tools and Techniques by Kathleen B Hass, PMP, Don Wessels, PMP, and Kevin Prennan, PMP.  (ISBN-13:978-1-56726-211-7, ISBN-10: 1-56726-211-2) Is the second book required for this course.This book presents principles and practices for effective requirements analysis and specification, and a broad overview of the requirements analysis and specification processes. This critical reference is designed to help the business analyst decide which requirement artifacts should be produced to adequately analyze requirements. Examine the complete spectrum of business requirement analysis from preparation through documentation. Learn the steps in the analysis and specification process, as well as, how to choose the right requirements analysis techniques for your project.


The Business Analyst’s Handbook by Howard Podeswa (ISBN-13:978-1-59863-565-2, ISBN-10: 1-59863-565-4) Is one of the required books for the CABA designation.

The Business Analyst plays an important role as liaison between business stakeholders and the technical team (software developers, vendors, etc.), ensuring that business needs are reflected in any software solution. Despite the importance of the job, there is currently no book specifically designed as a comprehensive reference manual for the working BA. The Business Analyst’s Handbook solves this problem by providing a useful compendium of tools, tables, lists, and templates that BAs can use on-the-job to carry out their tasks. For example, you might be preparing for an interview session and use the book’s checklist of interviewees to verify whether there is appropriate coverage of business stakeholders. Or you might be asked to review some diagrams and refer to the Glossaries of Symbols (organized by diagram type) for guidance. Or you may be asked to prepare textual requirements documentation and refer to the Business Requirement template for a list of artifacts and table of contents. Whatever your BA needs, the Business Analyst’s Handbook places the necessary information right at your fingertips.

All of these books are available at, Chapters, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore. These are also available at most public libraries.

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