Tips for Business Analysts for a More Productive Commute

Do you commute to your job? Many people do. The average commute in America is 24.3 minutes and American’s spend approximately 100 hours a year going to and from their place of business. So how can a business analyst make that 100 hours more productive? If you are looking to improve your productivity as a business analyst, finding a way to take advantage of that time you spend on your commute is crucial. Below are some tips to help you maximize your time and become a more productive business analyst.

LEARN SOMETHING – You could use your commute time to further your education, improve your skill set, or update your business analyst skills. How? Use the time to listen to self-help books and technical books about the skills that you need or would like to have a business analyst. Do you want to be a better leader? Consider listening to leadership books. Would knowing a second language be helpful as a business analyst? Check out an audio language program. Do you need to increase your computer skills? Find some audio books on the topic for you.  Learning something while driving or riding to work on your commute can be an excellent way to keep you on the road to self-improvement and career advancement as a business analyst.

MAKE NOTES – Another great way to maximize your commute time is to make notes about projects, prepare your to-do lists, make a priority list, or get a head start on your correspondence.  By doing so, you can have more time to get things done at work and have extra time once you arrive. If you use your commuting time to get ready and prepared for your day you will find that you will be more productive during your day. If you ride to work, you can make notes, go through emails, and even type up correspondence. If you drive to work, you still have the opportunity to get started on your day by investing in a voice recorder and making audio notes.

MAKE SOME CALLS – You can also maximize your time by using your commute to return some calls, set up appointments, or call some clients. This time is an excellent opportunity to get some time on the phone, especially if you drive to work. If you make your cell phone hands-free, you can call a client from the peace and undisturbed quiet of your car. As a business analyst, you may have clients to call or appointments to make. Just completing one call on your commute gives you one less things to take care of once you get to work.

RELAX AND DECOMPRESS – Though maximizing your time by completing some of your tasks can be a great way to stay on top of things and get ahead, it is also a good idea to take the time to relax and decompress from time to time. You may find that you need to take the time on your commute home to let go of the day, readjust your attitude and make yourself ready for your next phase of your day.

If you have a commute, whether it be by car or train, there are many things you can do to improve your day, yourself and your productivity as a business analyst. Simply find what works best for you and get started. You may find your commute to be the most productive part of your day.